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Editing Tips
  • Click twice over the sampled text or use ” Manage Text” panel.

Note: Please use a computer for optimal results.  Re-positioning elements might be needed.


  1. Click the panel ” Add Text” and type your custom text.
  2. Click “Insert Text”. (As default, the custom text will be placed in the center of the design in small black letters.)
  3. Adjust the size and drag the custom text to the final position. 
  4. Style the text by changing the font and color.  Feel free to copy colors and fonts from other text lines.

If the design supports image uploading, resizing images might be needed either by using menu sliders or manual adjustments.

  • The slider is accessible via the image menu. 
  • If you need more control, please use a computer and drag the image up or down while holding the icon displayed in the bottom right corner of the image (⤡).

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Background – Not Editable.
  • Text – Editable.
  • Upload Image (Size) – Editable.
  • Upload Image (Color) – Not Editable.
  • Floating Graphics – Editable. (*)

(*) Restrictions may apply​.

  • Designs can be printed at any standard print shop that supports true 5×7 prints. 
  • Designs can be printed at home providing that the user is familiar with paper feeding and printing configurations.

No. Vistaprint does not support standard print sizes such as 4×6 and 5×7.

Yes, heavy Cardstock is highly recommended either with Matte or Gloss finish depending on personal choice.

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